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Welcome to Signal Engineering, Inc.

We are your source for:

  • Satellite Communication Transmitters for Environmental Data Collection Platforms (DCP) through OEM and Direct Sales with support for:
    • NESDIS GOES DCPR Version 2, for 300/1200bps.
    • EUMETSAT High Rate DCP (HRDCP) and Standard Rate DCP (SRDCP).
    • INSAT Transmitter: Contact Sales, as type certification is for entire DCP.
    • GMS/MTSAT, ARGOS and SCD Satellite: Contact Sales for more information.
  • GOES DCS Satellite Communication Receivers used in Direct Readout Ground Stations (DRGS).
  • Search and Rescue Beacons.
  • Full Engineering Services to design your product and bring it to production.


Signal Engineering Inc. is dedicated to our customers' satisfaction through the application of our certified ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems.





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