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Company History and Overview

Founded in 1987 by John Thompson and Bruce Herbert, Signal Engineering's core business focused on two distinct markets.

  • Transmitters for Environmental Data Collection platforms (DCP) primarily supporting the GOES system users,
  • Satellite aided Search and Rescue Beacons for the U.S Military.


Signal Engineering entered the GOES Satellite Transmitter market following the award of a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contract by NOAA to demonstrate innovative technical solutions for power efficiency and size. In the early 1990's, Signal Engineering became the OEM supplier of low-cost, high reliability GOES transmitters to HANDAR Corporation. Over the last 20 years, Signal Engineering has delivered more than 18,000 transmitters to our OEM distributor/partners for automated weather and hydrological monitoring stations.

Our high performance Data Collection Platform (DCP) transmitters have been certified for operation with the GOES, METEOSAT (MSG), INSAT, GMS/MTSAT, ARGOS, SCD Satellites supporting the collection of environmental data around the world.

In 1996, Signal Engineering designed a Direct Readout Ground Station (DRGS) for the GOES Satellite system and developed the first 4 channel receiver for the GOES DCS users. These DRGS users are typically located in South and Central America with limited internet access, or users demanding real-time monitoring of critical environmental data managing floods and remote wild-fires. In 2001 Signal Engineering released the first 16 channel GOES receiver for DRGS supporting the 100bps, 300bps and 1200bps channels on the GOES DCS Downlink.


In 1995, the U.S Navy awarded Signal Engineering an SBIR contract for the development of a triple frequency personal locator beacon and a Personal locator beacon with Voice Transceiver (PLBVT). Our beacons, developed for the NAVY SBIR, ultimately evolved into the AN/PRC-149 and the AN/URT-140 as a joint development with one of our partners.

  • The AN/PRC-149 is a hand held triple frequency personal locator beacon 121.5/243/406 MHz with voice communications and embedded GPS Receiver.
  • The AN/URT-140 is a triple frequency emergency locator beacon with special timed modes and functions essential for operation with an aircraft ejection seat to assist in locating the downed aircrew.

In 2007, the U.S Air Force awarded Signal Engineering a competitive development contact for a triple frequency beacon for installation into the ACES II Ejection seat and BA-22 parachutes. In 2009, the USAF awarded an initial production contract for procurement of the AN/URT-44 Beacon, and subsequent options for additional beacon.

Overview of Company Philosophy

Our company philosophy is very straight forward:

  • Provide our customers with the highest performance and highest reliability communications equipment at the lowest price. We are committed to our customers' success.
  • Provide fast and accurate customer support on all our products at all times.
  • Provide our company personnel (Engineers, Administrators, Accountants, Purchasers, Operations and Manufacturing) with the very latest tools to accomplish their jobs and maintain for them a safe, clean, pleasant, intellectually challenging and career-building working environment.





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