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The OmniSat-3 Transmitter family is a versatile, high reliability, multi-satellite transmitter supporting operation on GOES, METEOSAT (MSG), GMS/MTSAT, and INSAT for environmental data collection.

- Typically for the INSAT and GMS/MTSAT markets, the entire Data Collection Platform (Sensors, Data-logger, Transmitter) requires type certified by the government's certification agency. Signal Engineering supports our OEM customer with OmniSat-3' integration into their DCP and provides type certification support as needed. For additional information, contact sales at OmniSat-3 INSAT and GMS/MTSAT Support.

DirectLink DRGS - A Direct Readout Ground Station (DRGS) allowing users of the GOES Satellite System to receive the data collected by their Data Collection Platforms (DCP) directly from the GOES Satellites downlink. The SEI DirectLink Receiver demodulates up to 16 DCS channels simultaneously.

SAR Beacons - Search And Rescue Satellite-Aided Tracking Beacons Protecting lives around the world.

Contract Engineering - A full service Engineering Development capability you can count on to bring your product to market.





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