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SAR Beacons

Signal Engineering has pioneered advanced SAR beacon designs since 1991. Small Business Innovative Research projects awarded by the US Navy have led to the AN/PRC-149 and AN/URT-140 currently in service with the US Navy. These triple-frequency beacons provide for location reporting of the beacon using COSPAS/SARSAT digital message communications at 406 MHz as well as homing signals at commercial and military frequencies 121.5 and 243 MHz. The AN/PRC-149 also provides voice communications and GPS capability allowing it to use geosynchronous satellites in addition to the COSPAS/SARSAT low Earth orbit satellites. The AN/URT-140 provides automatic activation capability.

Signal Engineering continues to develop advanced methods for reducing battery consumption, packaging size and weight, providing lower cost beacons and reducing logistical support costs.

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